I committed a couple of days ago to wrestle D1 at The University of Arkansas – Little Rock on a FULL RIDE!!
Almost all of my money is academic and I wouldn’t have gotten the kind of scholarship I did without your help on my ACT.
I just wanted to say thanks!!

Zeke – Liberty, MO

Melanie’s teaching capabilities are outstanding! She helped me with strategies, she built up my confidence, and she encouraged me when I needed it most. As a result, she helped me increase my ACT score by six points! Melanie was also willing to work around my very inflexible schedule. She is highly intelligent, she is fully informed, and in general a great person who is so pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Melanie! Thank you for all of your help!!

Maddie – Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Midwest College Prep I want to thank you for all of the wonderful help you have provided for my sons!! My junior is studying for his ACT test and I know he will do great!! My youngest son needed help organizing and staying focused. His grades improved from A, B,C, and one D to all A’s and B’s!! We are all very proud of him and can’t thank you enough!!! We all love you!

Barbara K – Leawood, Kansas

Melanie is tutoring my son in all his high school subjects – Geometry, Biology, Spanish, English and more. Her broad knowledge base at the high school level is invaluable. Other tutors might be able to help with one or two subjects, but she was the only person I found who could tackle them all. She has helped him a lot with organization and study skills. too. My son is prepared for his classes now and knows what’s going on. He also raised his geometry test score one letter grade from his previous test before working at Midwest College Prep. up to speed with the computer tools that the teachers are using. Melanie and my son log onto his teachers’ websites during the tutoring session, and she has also pointed out other Internet resources he can use on his own at home. We really enjoy working with Midwest
College Prep.

Allison B. – Olathe, Kansas

Midwest College Prep is flexible and easy to work with. They are also Melanie tutored our older daughter in math last summer and has now started working with our younger daughter as well. We are thrilled with the progress both girls are
making! Not only does Melanie have effective strategies to help them understand math and retain the Math and they tell their friends how much they love Melanie. We plan to keep working with Midwest College Prep (as long as they’ll put up with us) and are confident that our children are ending the school year ahead way of the game. Five stars – Midwest College Prep!

Christy M – Westwood, Kansas

Midwest College Prep did a wonderful job working with my son. He really enjoyed his time there. He felt better prepared to take all phases of the ACT after working with the teachers there. I would use them again and recommend Midwest College Prep to others.

Kent G. – Olathe, Kansas

I have used Midwest College Prep for two of my sons and have had outstanding results!! Melanie knows just where to focus when a student may need to “tweak” their exam for a second or even third time. She takes past scores and narrows the focus so that the students are able to achieve the score they desire. My sons received scores of 35 and 32 while working with Midwest College Prep enabling them to receive admittance to Auburn University and an “elite” placement at West Point for a summer school program. We never had issues with timing on the ACT test as Midwest College Prep had Andrew and Michael prepared so completely and fully that they could complete each section without being concerned about time. We will use Midwest College Prep again for our other two sons. We will also recommend Melanie and Midwest College Prep to all of the families we know that have students getting ready to go into college to be prepared and confident with their college entrance exams and essays!!

Aime (Mother) – Junior and Senior Blue Valley North High School

Midwest College Prep has helped me to become a better student and a better person!! I take my studies much more seriously which has helped me to keep my grades up. Melanie really cares about each and every single one of the students at Midwest College Prep. She has helped me learn how to study properly and efficiently. She is even helping me plan for my future. We work on college test prep and we even research and talk about colleges and what it will take me to get into the college of my choice. I am very grateful to be a part of the team at Midwest College Prep and the chance to work with Melanie!!

Chandler H. – Leawood, Kansas

Melanie is awesome!! She totally “gets” my son and how he learns and teaches accordingly.  She has increased his SAT score 600+ points in a short period of time and we are so impressed.
Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Fiona B. –

Midwest College Prep was just what my son needed to improve his testing taking skills and overall score on the ACT. Melanie O’Donohue is amazing in working with kiddos, I feel she not only helped with test taking strategies and material, but also confidence in his own academic abilities. She has a real gift in working with and getting through to the high school student! Thanks so much for helping my son!!

Sherry McKee