Testing packages are sold in quantities for each testing cycle:

February, April, June, July, September, October, December.


You must purchase a 6 lesson package @$110.00 for each lesson.

After that initial package, packages will be sold according to the student’s individual needs.

A $75.00 administrative fee will be added to each testing cycle.

Once purchased, your lesson will be entered into our system and held for you for that entire testing cycle.  All packages are valid through each testing cycle and may not be reused or cancelled. There are no refunds for unused lessons.

This enables Midwest College Prep to hold the highest standards for each student to receive one-on-one master teaching. If a student cancels two times or more during a testing cycle for a non-emergency, their spot will be forfeited for that cycle and made available to other students.

The United States average ACT score is a 21 and the state of Kansas average score is a 19.  Because Midwest College Prep’s average is a 32 for every testing cycle, we hold our students to the same high standards we hold ourselves.  To receive high scores that enables our students to be accepted into the very best Colleges and Universities, all parties will treat each other with the utmost respect and integrity.

Working smart and working hard is what we are all about.

Making the World a Better Place –

One Student at a Time!!