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A fee of $75.00 must be paid at the time of enrollment.
Once that is submitted, your enrollment will be placed in our queue and we will schedule you at that time.

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Services cannot commence until FULL payment is received. NO exceptions.
We reserve the right to fill spots that have been paid for prior to the first lesson.

All students must purchase these two items before their first session:
The Official ACT Prep Guide 2021 – 2022
ISBN # 978-1119-787341Conquering ACT Math and Science McGraw Hill
ISBN # 978-1-259-83710-4

The McGraw- Hill Education “Conquering ACT Math and Science” is available at Amazon, Town Center, and The Plaza Barnes and Noble bookstores.

In order to assess student learning, Midwest College Prep strongly encourages each patron to order a copy of their ACT exam with answers.
Please do this when you sign up for your exam.

Phase 1

Submitting the form is mandatory for your application to be processed.
The enrollment fee must be paid at the same time.

Once submitted, you can move to Phase 2 below and purchase the bundles you want.

Phase 2Pick all the packages that you want, after submitting the form.
If you prefer sending in a check, please contact director@midwestcollegeprep.com for more details.All PayPal payments to Midwest College Prep MUST be made through the website.
The enrollment fee is due for every new testing cycle – even if you have tested previously.

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