About Us

Founded by a certified teacher in Lenexa, Kansas in the summer of 2012, Midwest College Prep began serving students in the Johnson County Kansas area.

mcp webAfter thirty years of teaching, Melanie O’Donohue (Midwest College Prep’s Director) decided to venture out and really help students who needed that “extra push” with their studies. Whether it was essay writing, – Melanie is a published author – memorizing multiplication facts, tackling those frustrating fractions, or creating new ways to learn how to study, Melanie has used her training and education to help her students reach academic success!

While researching curriculum, Midwest College Prep, now joined with other certified teachers, began looking into helping students take their college entrance exams. ACT, PSAT, SAT, GRE, COMPASS, GED became the focus of Midwest College Prep’s curriculum and instruction. So, in the spring of 2013, the name Midwest College Prep was born.

The success of our students is nothing less than amazing!! From Georgetown, Lehigh, Emory, Auburn, Boston, Stanford, Loyola, Wake Forest and Ole’ Miss. – just to name a few. Accepted into honors programs at The University of Kansas, Kansas State and Nebraska- our students are able to achieve their wildest dreams. While the national average is 21 on the ACT – Midwest College Prep students average 32 – and while the national SAT average is 1500 Midwest College Prep students average 1800!!

Because we are teachers. We have the education, training, and knowledge to help each and every students achieve their academic goals. Each student is given one-on-one private instruction by a certified “master” teacher.

Whether you want to attend an Ivy League school, or excel at the college of your choice, Midwest College Prep will work diligently with you while you study for your entrance exams, write your college essays, and apply for scholarships. We are here for you!!

Without dedication and preparation growth and mastery are impossible.

Dramatic growth and mastery takes strategy – much like winning a football game or a chess match.

The fastest way to get better at something is to have a coach tell you where you can improve. That is where we come in at Midwest College Prep!!